28 Days Wildlife (Mammals) and Birding Safari


Uganda is the pearl of Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria.


The pearl of africa is blessed with hundreds of mammal species in all sizes. This iteneary will blow your mind with amazing rare species in the world of animals from large mammals like Gorillas, Lions, and Elephants to small ones, like Bats ,Rats, shrews and moles. You will also find a variety of reptiles including Crocodiles, Snakes and lizards. Uganda also has a wide spectrum of insects with over 140 butterfly species.


















DAY 1 - Arrival and transfer to your hotel

On arrival at Entebbe International airport, you will be met by our representative who will transfer you to Protea Hotel Entebbe or J. Residence motel Entebbe for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

DAY 2 - Mabamba swamp-transfer to Lake Mburo National Park

After an early morning breakfast, you will leave for Mabamba swamp, birding en-route where you’re likely to encounter a number of bird species that include; Purple Swamp hen, the Red headed Lovebird, Black headed Oriole, Tawny franked Prinia, African marsh Harrier, Black Bishop, Lizard Buzzard, Ruppel’s long tailed Starling, and the Broad billed Roller among others. You reach the swamp and take a canoe to the swamp in search for the rear Shoe billed stork. Along with the Shoebill, you are likely to encounter the orange weavers, Malachite King Fisher, African and Lesser Jacana, Purple Heron, Black Crake, Weyns’s and Orange weavers among others. We latter transfer to Lake Mburo National Park arriving in the late afternoon and enter the Park with a mini game drive and latter check in to the service of Mantana Tented Camp for dinner and overnight.

DAY 3 - Game drive and boat cruise in Lake Mburo National Park

After an early morning breakfast, we go for the game drive in search for wildlife that includes the Zebras, Buffaloes, Impala, Elands, Klipspringers, Topies, Warthogs, Waterbucks, Bush Bucks, Dwarf Mangoose and Leopards among others. We also look for birdlife that includes the Emerald-spotted Wood-dove, Short-toed Snake-Eagle,Great Spotted Cuckoo, Double toothed, Red faced, Spot flanked and Crested barbets, African Snipe, Water Thick-knee, White winged Tit, Brown-backed Scrub-robin,Broad-tailed Whydah, Brown Parrot and Coqui Francolin among others. We go back to the Camp and have lunch, relax around and latter in the afternoon go for a boat cruise on the lake in search for other wildlife that include the Crocodile, Hippos and the Black-headed, Lesser-masked, Golden-backed, Red-headed and Little Weavers, African Finfoot among others. Dinner and overnight at Mantana Tented Camp.

DAY 4 - Transfer from Lake Mburo to Bwindi

You will transfer to the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, while birding en-route in search for the Handsome Francolin

DAY 5 - Birding the Mubwindi swamp, Ruhija

After an early breakfast, you will trek down the Mubwindi swamp in search for some of the Albertine Rift endemics and specialties including the Green broadbill, the Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Archer’s Robbin Chat, Strange Weaver, Grey Cuckoo-shrike, Chetnut-throated, and Mountain masked Apalis, Yellow-streaked, Shelley’s, Red-tailed, Yellow-throated, Mountain and Honeyguide Greenbuls, Rwenzori Batis, Mountain Yellow Warbler, Great Blue, Black-billed and Rwenzori Turaco, Mountain Illadopsis, African Hill-Babbler, Purple-breasted, Regal, Rwenzori Double Collared and Blue-headed Sunbirds among others. Trekker’s Tavern Cottages.

DAY 6 - Gorilla trekking, Bwindi

After breakfast, you will go to the park offices for registration and breafing bofore going for the memorable experience; the Gorilla trekking. The activity can last between 2-8 hours, so you need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. This may be a bit hectic walking in mady and steep conditions and sometimes with rain over head, so it’s advisable to carry with you good walking boots and rain jackets. For conservation porpuses the time spent with these massive apes is limited to one hour. Trekker’s Tavern Cottages.

DAY 7 - Birding the Ruhija area

After breakfast, you will go birding along the main trail, in search for the species that we might have missed the previous day. Trekker’s Tavern cottages.

DAY 8 - Transfer to Buhoma, Bwindi NP

After breakfast, you will transfer to Buhoma with en-route birding at the neck of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, in search for the Dusky and Cassin’s Grey Flycatcher, Stripe Breasted Tit,Cinnamon-chested, White-throated and Black bee-eater Many coloured Bush-shrike,Cassin’s Hawk Eagle Olive and Western Bronze Naped Ppigeon among others. Arriving in the afternoon and check in to the service of Buhoma Community Rest Camp for dinner and overnight.

DAY 9 - Birding in the Buhoma main trail

After breakfast, you will go birding in the main trail to the water fall, in search for the specialties that include the White bellied, Red-caped and Blue-shouldered Robin Chat, Bar- tailed Tragon, Red Chested Owlet, Neumann’s and Black-faced Rufous Warbler, White Tailed Flycatcher, Olive Long –tailed Cuckoo, Pale breasted Illadopsis, Red-throated and Fire-crested Alethes, Collared, Yellow-breasted and Black-throated Apalis, Baglafecht, Yellow-mantled, Black-billed and Brown-caped Weavers, Narrow-tailed and Stuhlmann’s Starlings among others.You come back to the Camp, have lunch and latter in the afternoon go for a farm walk in search for the Rufous-chested Fluff tail, and the Bat Hawk among others. You come back to lodge for dinner and overnight.

DAY 10 - Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

After breakfast, you will transfer to the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, (Ishasha) famous for the tree climbing Lions, birding en-route for the specialties that include the Brown Chested Lapwing, Violet-backed and Wattled Starling, Garden, Broad-tailed, Brown and Western Banded Snake-Eagles.

DAY 11 - Game drive/birding in Ishasha area and transfer to Mweya

After breakfast, with your packed lunch, you will do a game drive searching for the famous tree climbing Lions and other wildlife as well as birding. You latter transfer to the northern sector of the park, arriving in the evening and check in to service of Mweya Safari Lodge for dinner and overnight.

DAY 12 - Game drive/birding in the Kasenyi plains

The day begins early with an early breakfast and then go for the game drive towards the Kasenyi plains in search for wildlife that includes the Buffaloes, Water Buck, Kobs, Hyenas, Warthogs, Lions and Leopards among others. And here you will like it because this Park is said to have the highest concentration of birdlife as compared to any Park in the World. Among the birds we expect here are the Black and Black-Shouldered Kite, Black-chested Snake-Eagle, African Marsh, Motagu’s and Pallid Harriers, Black-Belied Bustard, Temminck’s Courser, Levaillant’s, Black-chested, Diederik and Klaas’s Cuckoo, Black and White-browed Coucal, Blue-naped and Specled Mousebird, Rufous-naped and Flappet Lark, Plain-backed and Grassland Pipit, Buff-belied, Wing-snapping and Croacking Cisticola, Fork-tailed Drongo, Grey-caped Warbler, African White-backed, Ruppell’s Griffon and Lappet-faced Vultures,Grey-backed and Common Fiscal, Black-headed and Papyrus Gonolek among others. We come back to the Lodge, relax around, have lunch and latter in the afternoon at about 3:00pm, we go for the boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel for yet another but deferent view of the wildlife at close quarters as they come to cool off at the shores of the Channel. Here we expect a lot that include the Giant, Malachite, Woodland and Pied Kingfisher, Pink-back and Great White Pelican,Yellow-billed, African Open-billed, Saddle-billed Stork, African Spoonbill, Lesser Flamingo, Curlew Sandpipre, and African Skimmer among others. We come back latter in the evening, dinner and overnight at Mweya Safari Lodge.

DAY 13 - QENP. Maramagambo

After breakfast, we drive to Maramagambo Forest for a Nature walk/birding in search for wildlife that includes the Black & White Colobus, Red Tailed and Velvet Monkeys, Splendid Starling, Red Headed Bluebill, Benald’s Flycatcher, Red Caped Robin Chat, and Red Tailed Bristalbill among others. In the walk we also visit the Bat cave that Houses millions of Egyptian Fruit Bats, we latter transfer to Mweya Safari Lodge for lunch, have a free afternoon, dinner and overnight.

DAY 14 - QENP. – Kibale National Park

After breakfast we transfer to Kibale National Park driving through the Crater Lakes region and drive North wards along the foot hills of Rwenzori Mountain Ranges, these constitute the western Rift Valley and form the boundary between Uganda and Congo. With en-route lunch at Kasese, arriving in the afternoon and check in to the service of Primate Lodge Kibale, have a free afternoon, dinner and overnight.

DAY 15 - Birding Kibale National Park

After breakfast we slope down to the Park Offices for registration and briefing before we start the Trekking in one of East Africa’s oldest Forest with trees as high as 50 meters . The Trekking may take about three hours in search for Habituated Chimpanzees. The forest also harbors about five primate species that include the Black and White Colobus, Red Colobus, Red tailed, Lhotse’s Monkeys and Grey cheeked Mangbey. It is also home to a variety of bird species including the rare Green Breasted Pita. We come back to the Lodge, relax around, have lunch and later go for a nature walk in the Bigodi wetland which is also very rewarding. We come back to the Lodge for dinner and overnight. Specialties that include the Green breasted Pitta, Black-and-white Shrike-flycatcher, Yellow-spotted and Yellow-billed Barbet, Willow and Black-caped Yellow Warbler, Olive-bellied, Red-Chested, Collared, Superb Sunbird among others.

DAY 16 - Birding Kibale Forest National Park

After breakfast you will go birding along the the mail road in the morning and the Kanyancu area in the afternoon. Some of the species expected here are the Green breasted Pitta Grey-headed, Red Chested, Collared, Olive Sunbird, Dinner and overnight at Primate Lodge Kibale

DAY 17 - Transfer to Masindi (Budongo Forest)

After breakfast, you will transfer to Masindi, birding en-route with a lunch stop at Kagadi and latter proceed on, arriving Masindi in the evening and check in to the service of Masindi Hotel for dinner and overnight.

DAY 18 - Birding in Budongo Forest

After an early breakfast, with your packed lunch, go for birding in the Royal Mile in the morning in search ofr the specialties that include the Jameson’s and Chestnut Wattle-eye, Ituri, Chin-spot, and Black-headed Batis, Scaly-breasted, Brown and Puvel’s Illadopsis, Lead-coloured, Sooty, Forest, Yellow-footed, Chestnut-caped Flycatcher, African Shrike-flycatcher, Green and Lemon-bellied Crombec, Grey-backed and Yellow-browed Camaroptera, Little Green, Olive-bellied and Collared Sunbird, Yellow-crested and Brown-eared Woodpecker, Red-tailed Bristlebill, Slender-billed, Yellow-whiskered, Yellow-throated,Little, Spotted and Honeyguide Greenbul, Western Nicator, White-headed and Black Saw-wing, Black-and-white Casqued and White-thighed Hornbill, African Emerald, Dusky Long –tailed and Klaas’s Cuckoo, Crowned Eagle, Blue-throated Roller, Narina Trogon, Blue-breasted, Chocolate-backed, African Pygmy and African Dwarf Kingfisher among others. You go back to the Hotel in the evening for dinner and overnight.

DAY 19 - Masindi – Murchison Falls National Park. (Kanio-Pabidi)

After breakfast, we start our journey heading for Murchison Falls National Park. We enter the park through Kichombanyobo gate and go birding at Kanio Pabidi the eastern side of Budongo forest, for specialties that include the Puvel’s Illadopsis and fire-crested Alethe among others. We have our lunch and latter visit magnificent falls where you will enjoy and marvel at the mighty River Nile being forced in a seven metres crevice to thunder 45 metres below the series of rapids that can be seen from different points up to the summit and we later go and check into the service of Nile Safari Lodge for lunch, have a free afternoon, dinner and overnight.

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Kidepo Valley National Park ranks as one of Africa’s best parks for an authentic African safari experience. It lies in the northeastern corner of Uganda, far off the busy tourist circuit.


The Eastern region is one of four regions in the country of Uganda. Here the mighty Nile begins its journey and White-water rafting of the Nile River is the main draw for adventurers seeking a wild ride.


Uganda is the pearl of Africa with plentiful natural resources, a vast diversity of wildlife and a varied geography. Situated on the equator where the West African Jungle meets the East African