14 Nights and 15 Days Uganda Birding Safari


Uganda is the pearl of Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria.


Winston Churchill became quite enthused about what he found in Uganda when he wrote, “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life — bird, insect, reptile, beast — for vast scale — Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa.” Uganda is the pearl of Africa with plentiful natural resources, a vast diversity of wildlife and a varied geography. Situated on the equator where the West African Jungle meets the East African Savannah in the African Great Lakes region with several major lakes including a large portion of Lake Victoria, it has a tropical climate with plentiful rainfall and fertile land. The snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains in the southeast are considered by some to be the source of the Nile.


















DAY 1 - Arrival

Arrival at the airport in the evening and check in at the hotel. In case you arrive early, you go for some evening birding in the botanical gardens Entebbe. Dinner and overnight at Protea Hotel Entebbe

DAY 2 - Mabamba Swamp

After breakfast, we shall drive to Mabamba wetlands where we will be paddled in a canoe through the swamp looking for; • The mighty Shoebill • Lesser Jacana • long –toed Plover • Blue-headed coucal • Blue crested Bee- Eater and many others. After passing through the swamp we will look for; -The Beautiful papyrus Gonolek - White- winged Warbler - Weyn’s and northern Brown-throated Weavers. Later in the afternoon we shall drive to Masindi/ Budongo Forest. Dinner and overnight at Masindi hotel.

DAY 3 - Bird Royal mile

After breakfast, proceed to bird at the Royal mile for the new birds, with parked lunch. Look out for species like; • white- thighed Hornbill • Blue-breasted Kingfisher • chocolate-backed Kingfisher • Grey Parrot • Dusky long-Long-tailed Cuckoo • Nahan’s Frankolin • White-Crested Negrofinch • Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-Weaver • Black-bellied Seedcracker • Green-headed sunbird • dwarf kingfisher • Yellow-crested woodpecker and a few primates. Dinner and overnight at Masindi Hotel for the second Night.

DAY 4 - Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park via Kanio pabidi

After breakfast, we shall drive to Kanio Pabidi birding along the road. Species such as; • Puvell’s Illadopsdis Rufous-sided Broadbill • Afeb Pigeon • Yellow bill and yellow throated Tinker bird • Honey guide Greenbul • Red-tailed Ant-thrush • Fire-crested Alethe • Forest Robin • Green Hylia • Grey-throated Tit-Flycatcher • Common Bristlebird Nahan’s Francolin • Cassin’s Hawk-Eagle • Yellow-footed Flycatcher Cassin’s • Sabine’s Spine tails Will be targeted at Kanio Pabidi. Later in the afternoon proceed to Murchison Falls National Park. Dinner and overnight at Paraa safari lodge.

DAY 5 - Birding in Murchison Falls National Park

After breakfast, head out for a game drive getting back in time for lunch. Later in the afternoon go for a boat ride in search of birds like; • Shoebill, • Green Pigeon • Vinaceous Dove • White crested Turaco • Abyssinian Ground Hornbill • Rock Pratincole • Giant Kingfisher • Swallow tailed bee- eater • Red- throated bee-eater • Carmine bee-eater • Black- billed Barbet • Spotted morning Thrush • Northern Red and black-winged red Bishops Dinner and overnight at paraa safari lodge for the second night.

DAY 6 - Whole day drive to Kibale National Park

Whole day drive to Kibale National Park with a few stops for birding. Dinner and overnight at primate lodge.

DAY 7 - Birding in Kibale National Park

Birding in Kibale National Park is a delightful experience. We shall look for species such as; • Nalina trogon • Green-crested Pitta • White-spotted Fluff tail • Black-billed Turaco • Blue-throated Roller • White-naped Pigeon • Brown-eared Woodpecker • Red-tailed Ant-Thrush • Yellow-spotted Nicator • Black-and-white Shrike Flycatcher • Chestnut wattle-eye • Green Hylia Narrow tailed Starling • Crested Guinea Fowl • Yellow-billed barbet • Black billed Turaco • white spotted Fluff tail • chestnut wattle Lunch at the hotel. Go birding in bigodi swamp in the evening. Dinner and overnight at primate lodge for the second Night.

DAY 8 - Transfer to Semliki birding en-route

After breakfast we will transfer to Semliki birding en-route. Having reached in the afternoon, you will check in at the lodge and head for evening birding. Look for species like; • Rufous-sided Broadbill flanked Goshawk • Western Bronze-naped Pigeon • Red-billed Hornbill • Piping Hornbill • African Dwarf Kingfishers • Black Dwarf and Red-billed Dwarf Dinner and overnight at Semiliki safari lodge.

DAY 9 - Whole day birding Kirumia Trail with packed lunch

After early morning breakfast, proceed to kirumia trail for a whole day birding. Our highlight will be species such as; • Black-casqued wattled Hornbill • Nkurengu Rail • Spot-breasted Ibis • Forest Francolin • Long-tailed Hawk • Red-bellied Dwarf • Black-wattled Hornbills and many other rare species. Dinner and overnight at Semiliki safari lodge for the second night.

DAY 10 - Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

After breakfast we shall head to QUENP birding en-route. Having reached Mweya in the evening, we shall bird around the hotel on arrival in the evening for species like; • Blue Quail • African Crake • Ross’s Turaco • Jackson’s Pipit • Red-headed Lovebird • White-winged Black Tit • Cassin’s Flycatcher • Black Bee-eater • African white-backed vulture • Eagles • Shining Blue Kingfisher • Cinnamon-chested Bee-Eater • Blue-crested Kingfisher Have our Dinner and spend the night at Mweya Safari lodge.

DAY 11 - Birding in Queen Elizabeth national Park

After breakfast, a morning game drive and birding will be ideal. Lunch at the lodge and go for the boat trip in the afternoon on Kazinga channel where we shall see a variety of wild life and bird life as well. A variety of game such as;hundreds of hippos, crocodiles will be viewed. Other animals like Elephants, Buffaloes, Uganda Kobs, Bushbucks, Defassa waterbucks and warthogs will also be viewed. A number of bird species are also available here which include; • Green-backed Heron • Yellow-billed stork • Saddle-billed stork • African spoonbill • martial eagle • common quail • Rufous naped lark. Dinner and overnight at Mweya Safari Lodge for the second night.

DAY 12 - Transfer to Bwindi - Buhoma sector via Ishasha

After breakfast, you will transfer to Bwindi National Park via Ishasha and we shall have lunch on the way. At Ishasha, we shall view a variety of game including tree climbing lions, buffaloes and other games. We shall do an evening walk around Buhoma area after arrival in search of; • Mannikin in the evening. Dinner and overnight at Silverback lodge

DAY 13 - Birding in Bwindi National Park

After Breakfast, we shall do birding along the main trail for species like; - Africa Gawshawk - Bar- tailed trogon - Black Bee-Eater - Mountain Illadopsis - Red-faced woodland Warbler - Yellow-footed Flycatcher - White-tailed Blue Flycatcher - White headed Wood-hoopoe - Chapin’s Flycatcher - Pink-footed puff back - Bush Shrike, Starlings - Brown-capped weavers - Blue-throated Roller - Wilcock’s Honey guide - Elliot Dinner and overnight at silver back lodge for the second night.

DAY 14 - Transfer to Lake Mburo National Park

After early morning breakfast, we will transfer to Lake Mburo National Park birding en-route. Dinner and overnight at Mihingo Lodge

DAY 15 - Early morning birding and transfer to Kampala

We will take an early morning boat ride in search of African Fin foot and other water birds. Our highlight will be; • Red-faced Barbet Whose range is almost restricted to a small area in Southern Uganda and Eastern Rwanda. Other species that will be viewed along the Lake side include; - Southern Ground Hornbill • Spot-flanked • Black–colored Barbet • Blue-napped moosebird • White-winged Warbler • Papyrus Gonolek • Violet tipped Courser • Northern Brown-throated Weaver Lunch at the hotel and later drive to Kampala and transfer to Entebbe international Airport for your flight back home

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Kidepo Valley National Park ranks as one of Africa’s best parks for an authentic African safari experience. It lies in the northeastern corner of Uganda, far off the busy tourist circuit.


The Eastern region is one of four regions in the country of Uganda. Here the mighty Nile begins its journey and White-water rafting of the Nile River is the main draw for adventurers seeking a wild ride.


Uganda is the pearl of Africa with plentiful natural resources, a vast diversity of wildlife and a varied geography. Situated on the equator where the West African Jungle meets the East African