Pasa Trails & Safaris is a private tour and travel company that delivers specialized and phenomenal tourist and traveler experiences through customized safaris and holidays in Uganda and East Africa.

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We bring to you extensive experience and knowledge of Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda with each country’s leading tourism attractions. Our Safari packages are uniquely authentic and are driven by our ambition to always go the extra mile to make you experience nature. We take pride in customizing, fine-tuning, organizing, and operating exactly the right tailored itinerary for you.

Whether your desire lies in wonder-stirring game drives in the Great Kidepo National Park and its reserves, Murchison Fall National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Kibale National Park, Semliki National Park, Mt. Elgon National Park, Mt. Rwenzori National Park, Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Ssese Islands we will take you there, in your preferred style. You can also set a challenge for yourself and your friends in climbing Mt Elgon and the snow-capped Mt. Rwenzori.

Your choice of an East African adventure, nature-themed honeymoon, water-body retreats (Lake-side or Sea-side) or wildlife safari, or any other memorable occasion drives us to package a uniquely personal and budget-friendly itinerary for you.

Individually tailored itineraries based on our hands-on experience and expertise ensure that your personalized Ugandan and East African tour and adventure covers your preferred safari destinations to fill you up with exceptional enjoyment and utmost satisfaction. We at Pasa Trails & Safaris take pride in customizing, fine-tuning, organizing, and executing exactly the right customized itinerary for you.

We take you for a tour and adventure of a lifetime where you get in touch with the true spirit of creation, root of life, culture, nature and its magnificent beauty which will leave an everlasting love, appreciation and understanding the gift of life is truly the best gift of Nature. You will see for yourself the true meaning of nature and life amidst diversity to paint in your heart’s memories, stories to tell for the rest of your lives. These adventurous tours will change you, leave undeletable memories in your mindfulness, in your heart, body and soul. Always remember to share your experience such that other back-home can also take the opportunity to discover and see for themselves life and the absolute gift of nature.” – Pasa Trails

Our Vision

Is to become the most sought after and the leading provider of incredible and ultimate safari packages and related travel services to both local and international tourists. We ought to achieve this by delivering an inclusive quality and specialized customer service rooted in our continuous innovative training, dynamic market research, and upholding sustainable business practices that ensure the protection of East Africa’s wildlife and benefits extended to wildlife hosting communities.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide top-notch diversified premier tour products and services to our esteemed tourists/clients such that they have unforgettable real-life experiences as well as promoting sustainable tourism practices. Pasa Trails & Safaris will accomplish this through:

  • Developing business opportunities through unique travel services that meet all business and leisure travel needs.
  • Expanding market strength through superior service levels
  • Ensuring that we have the best qualified, disciplined, and trained professional staff.
  • Operating continuously in compliance with applicable industry principles and standards
  • Maintaining flexibility to adapt to local and international market trends

Our Slogan: Lets Take You To The Pearl And Beyond

Our Promise and Dedication

Pasa Trails & Safaris embodies the principles of:


We work with highly skilled and experienced travel experts based in Uganda and leverage capability throughout East Africa to give you a truly phenomenal experience. Bringing you a combined tourism and travel experience of over 20 years, Pasa Trails & Safaris only harnesses the best, certified, and professional guides in East Africa. Our guides focus on delivering personal and truly phenomenal tourism and travel experience.

With our inclusive and specialized safari services, we offer opportunities for disabled and special needs travelers to be part of a down the lane memorable tour and adventure in Uganda and East Africa.

At Pasa Trails & Safaris, our team will be there to assist wherever need be, whether you just need help with the planning, itinerary selection, booking, and to make sure you have accessible accommodation or transport, or would like assistance with daily chores – anything is possible.

Last but not least we welcome and highly encourage all our customers to leave us feedback as it helps us strive to improve our weaknesses, fortify our strengths, and continuously innovate our services to serve the continuously evolving market trends.

Personalized Experience

We promise you personalized and custom-specific tourism and travel experience tailored to your personal preferences and budget. In addition to the safari packages available, our experienced tour and travel specialists work with you to design your personal trip, providing you with insights and advice as you hone in on your preferred safari.

Our promise to you is truly phenomenal tourism and travel experience in Uganda, and East Africa at large!

What you get from us

  • Expert tour advisory services

  • Pocket-friendly, customized and unforgettable experiences

  • Support securing gorilla and other tourism permits

  • Tailor-made individual or group travel packages

  • Availability of a wide range of language translators

  • Online booking and payment options.

Value for Money

Pasa Trails & Safaris prides itself on ensuring that you get top value for your investment in your tourism experience. With our head offices in Kampala, Uganda, an online portal, and self-service website facility we work towards providing you with the best your money can buy. Our team is available to engage with you anywhere and anytime to plan and follow through your tour and travel event. We go the extra mile in ensuring your health. Our tours and travel packages include an automatic medical emergency air evacuation coverage with AMREF Flying Doctors, who deliver you to the best-rated health facilities in East Africa.

Pasa Trails & Safaris offers you a wholesome and distinct insight into the wonders of East Africa’s amazingly diverse landscape, wildlife, history, and cultural heritage.

What Makes Us Unique

We at Pasa Trails & Safaris provide personalized tours & safaris to individuals, families, or groups and strive to offer professional and personal attention to all our guests to make their safari truly remarkable, memorable, and exciting. We assist you in tailoring your tour travel plan to suit your taste, budget, and style. Our tours are always exclusive to the client, except where the client wishes to join a group tour. We will be pleased to prepare itineraries and price quotes according to an individual or group’s requirements. Therefore, never hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Our driver-guides have a lot of experience and will make sure you can enjoy your holiday without worries and allow you to discover the wonders of East African wildlife, Cultural Diversity, Life’s historical sites, and magnificent landscapes.

Our Tour-Driver /Guides

We at Pasa Trails & Safaris understand that the competence and knowledge of safari tour guides highly contribute to the overall experience. Our drivers/guides are highly trained with years of experience enabling them to handle clients from various nationalities with ease. We also have staff that speaks a number of foreign languages to help easy communication with our clients.

Our driver-guides are always eagerly waiting to have educative wildlife and nature chats with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to discuss with them tours because they are always ready to answer all your questions in a friendly and professional manner.